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The Amenities

Colorful kayaks neatly lined up on the wooden dock, ready for an adventure.
Durable, fun-filled water trampoline. Ideal for family and friend gatherings. Exhilarating aquatic entertainment.

Prepare to be delighted by the array of amenities that await your stay. From the allure of waterfront living to the convenience of modern technology, our amenities have been chosen to make your visit unforgettable. Dive into the details below and discover the comforts that will enhance your experience at The Lake House on Sunset Point.



Waterfront Views

Relish in the tranquil waters and glowing sunsets-a picturesque close to your day.


Complimentary Kayaks

The Kayaks invite you to explore the waters at your own pace. Whether you're paddling at dawn to catch the first light of day or gliding under a canopy of stars, the lake is your playground.


Water Trampoline

Jump into fun on the water trampoline! This floating playground promises endless laughs and high-flying splashes.


Expansive Deck w/

Stunning Lake Views

Step onto the spacious deck or patio with a fire-pit and you're greeted with serene lake views, making it a prime spot for relaxation and entertainment. The deck features a gas grill and outdoor dining -  perfect for dining alfresco with the lake as your backdrop, or early morning coffee watching the sunrise. 


Coffee Connoisseurs Dream

Wake up in your private sanctuary and breathe in the aroma of your perfect morning brew. This is a coffee lover's paradise equipped with both a Keurig and traditional coffee maker to cater to every preference.



The fireplace is not just for toasting marshmellows - imagine roasting your worries away wihile sipping cocoa or plotting your next adventure. It's the ultimate cozy hub for warmth, laughter, and memories that'll keep you glowing long after your stay.


Prime Location

A prime location for your vacation that offers both convienience and allure, ideally nestled in a pictureque setting that blends natural beauty with ease of access to local attractions


Relaxing Floats

Embrace fun & relaxation with our vacation rental's complimentary floats! Float blissfully on the lake's gentle embrace, where water fun meets serene relaxation.


Boathouse w/

Mini 'Fridge

Enjoy lakeside convenience with our boathouse mini-fridge. Quick access to cold drinks and snacks means more time on the water and less interruption to your relaxation.


Dedicated Home Office

Your personal retreat uniquely caters to the modern traveler's needs with a dedicated home office space. This office provides a peaceful and productive environment for those that need to stay connected or complete work tasks during the day.


New Washer & Dryer

Say goodbye to packing woes with our new washer and dryer! This dynamic duo invites you to pack light and live large, making laundry a breeze.


Four-Paw Friendly

Paws up pups! Bring your furry friend along for the adventure. This home is dog-friendly, offering a welcoming space for your beloved companion to romp, relax and enjoy the vacation with you. 


Deep Water

A paradise for enthusiasts of swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. Located by serene deep waters, it offers unobstructed access to vast aquatic playgrounds, rich fishing grounds, and tranquil spaces for paddling & relaxation.


Life Jackets

Leap with confidence! Your home away from home comes equipped with lifejackets for every adventurer, big or small. 


Easy Swim Access w/

Handy Ladder

Enjoy effortless swim access with a dock equipped with a handy ladder. Dive into the lakes's inviting waters and easily climb back onto the dock for sunbathing or a leisurely break. 


Fast WiFi

For those who need to stay connected or squeeze in a bit of work, our fast Wi-Fi is a game changer. It ensures that whether you're in the middle of a video conference, streaming your favorite show, or researching your next local adventure, you'll have smooth and speedy access.


Entertainment Galore

Fun has no bounds! Ping pong, foosball and billiards await, with TVs in every room for non-stop entertainment. From fire pit stories to board game showdowns, get ready for a getaway filled with endless laughs and unforgettable memories!


Priceless Memories

Create priceless memories that will last a lifetime. From laughter-filled game nights to heart warming moments by the fireplace, every corner of your paradise is designed for unforgettable experiences. 

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